Photography by Salvatore A Division of Columbus Wedding Photographers Columbus Wedding Photographers | Photo of Salvatore "Your photographs will reflect the individual attention I devote to each wedding, portrait or special assignment." Hi, I'm Sal.  I love photography, working with people and producing art-quality compositions during my assignments. I have attended the the School of Modern Photography and the New York Institute of Photography. Photography is both an art and a science. Lots of people have mastered the science of photography. The art of photography is a little more difficult because it depends on how you view and interpret the world. All photographers have a certain style -- a feel to their wedding photography and portraiture. My style is a relaxed, casual approach that will bring out the best in you. At your wedding I'll record things others don't "see." During our portrait session, I'll capture more than just your likeness. I'll capture the real "you." Photography is about capturing emotions and situations that reflect what's happening. While good technical pictures are essential, there's more to it than that. Some photographers record what's happening. Others interpret it. It's the interpretation of your photographic event that will make your photos special and stand out from others. Why not contact me? We can discuss your wedding, portrait session whether in-studio or on-location or special assignment ... and create something special! Copyright 2011  |  Photography by Salvatore Columbus Wedding Photographers Columbus Wedding Photographers | Bride's Flowers